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Car Leather Restoration

At Prestige Leather Care based in Bolton, North West England, we cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire. We are a family run business and have a team of highly skilled and trained craftsmen ready to restore your leather to its former glory.

We specialise in leather car seat repairs, vehicle interiors, plastic seats, cigarette holes, tears, rips, cracks, recolouring, cushion inserts, panel replacements, upholstery repairs & much more. We offer professional leather cleaning using our leather cleaner & leather conditioner.

Here at Prestige LeatherCare we love restoring car leather seats back to their former glory. Our past customers have used our services to show off their cars at tons of classic car shows across the country. We can lovingly restore your car’s leather seats without you spending thousands of pounds on a brand new leather interior. You’ll be amazed at the results we can achieve for you.

Leather Car Seat Refurbishment

We are fully experienced in leather car seat restoration on all cars including classic and modern cars including Jaguar, Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Vauxhall, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche and not forgetting planes, boats, caravans and more! Refurbished seats are a great, cost effective way to get original, like new seats, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Leather Car Seat Restoration In Bolton

Prestige Leathercare offers a leather car seat restoration service for it’s customers. We are based in Bolton Lancashire and are easily accessible from the A666/M61. We offer top quality, very cost-effective leather car seat restoration.

Leather Seat Restoration

Older, Classic cars that give you that nostalgic feeling are a thing of beauty and we love them, however over time the leather car seats can become worn and quite shabby due to years of wear and tear. Our classic car, leather car restorations can transform your car seats, dashboards, door cards and steering wheels back to an almost new condition. We have premises situated in Bolton, a lot of our customers come from all over the country to use our services as we have a great reputation for leather car seat restoration work.

Leather Car Seat Specialists

With over 25 years combined experience in restoring leather car seats, we are one of the best in the business. We do not offer a mobile service, this allows us to pay great attention to detail and accomodate to your wants and needs, resulting in the best possible outcome for your seats.

Why Car Seat Restoration?

Why restore your leather car seats? There may be several different reasons; for example, it may be that your leather seats are still in good structural condition, but have some wear and tear and damage such as scratches to the surface of the leather.

People like to keep original seats in their cars too. Original seats from older cars are hard to find, usually aren’t in great condition and cost a lot of money. Thus making leather car seat restoration the best option to bring their leather car seats back to life.

However, the best reason of all is cost.  Reupholstering with a new leather seats can cost many thousands of pounds.  Restoring existing leather car seats will cost significantly less, whilst leaving a surface essentially the same as the original factory finish, giving you many more years of use.

Results will, of course, depend very much on the current condition of the seats.  Before we can quote, we will always need to look at some photos and in some cases see in the seats in person to give an accurate, honest quote.

Can we restore any damage? No! Sometimes, the surface may simply be too worn or damaged for a repair to be worthwhile or economical.

We will always give you an honest opinion of what is achievable and what you can expect.