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Car Interior Repair

At Prestige Leather Care based in Bolton, North West England, we cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire. We are a family run business and have a team of highly skilled and trained craftsmen ready to restore your leather to its former glory.

We specialise in car seat repairs, vehicle interiors, leather car seat restoration, cigarette holes, tears, rips, cracks, recolouring, cushion inserts, panel replacements, upholstery repairs & much more. 

We can restore front and rear car leather seats to as good as new by repairing, using our leather cleaner & leather conditioner and colouring the leather.

Our Leather cleaner & conditioner is an all round treatment for leather which works quickly to remove dirt & grime, leaves your leather conditioned and back to looking great again. Cleans safely without causing any damage.

Help preserve the life of your leather by removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime. Leather cleaner & conditioner contains a blend of mild solvents and detergents that gently penetrates and lifts dirt. Rich conditioning waxes then feed and soften the leather reducing the appearance of fine cracks and scratches.

The best way you can care for your leather is to consistently clean, condition and protect your leather. The car leather cleaner we offer is perfect for a quick clean. The leather conditioner and protection cream is great for protecting leather from spills, liquid and wear and tear. Keeping leather supple and forming a protective barrier.

Car interiors take a lot of wear and tear with constant usage, getting dirty and wet. Its no surprise that after a few years your car leather interior starts to look shabby and worn. Prestige LeatherCare specialises in leather car interior repair which looks natural and blends so that the finished product is an interior with an almost new finish.

Leather Interior Repair

Ranging from dashboard repairs, seats, door cards, trims and steering wheels, we can repair and restore these for you, saving you money on buying a brand new interior. Here at Prestige LeatherCare we can restore an interior back to its former beauty with a little TLC and know-how. We are fully experienced in restoring modern cars and classic cars.

Leather Car Interior Repair In Manchester

Prestige Leathercare offers a leather car interior repair service for it’s customers. We are based in Bolton Lancashire and are easily accessible from the A666/M61. We offer top quality, very cost-effective leather car interior repair.

Car Interior Trim Repair

Leather car interior repairs – Leather interiors can get damaged by wear & tear, weather, spillages, childeren, damp and carelessness. If your car interior isn’t looking its best and has had better days, don’t despair give us a call and let us show you what our car leather interior repair services can do for you.

Leather Interior Specialists

Our leather car interior repairs can transform your car’s interior. We offer specialist cleaning, repairs to your existing seats, repairs & recolouring of door cards, dashboard repairs, trim repairs, rear seat repairs and lots of accessories including back of seats and anywhere where the leather has worn out or has been damaged. The damage can range from cigarette burns, stains, rips, tears and lots more.

Steering Wheel Restoration

We can restore a steering wheel to almost new condition by, cleaning, repairing and colouring the leather. The steering wheel is the most touched part of your vehicle and easily accumulates dirt and damage. Hand creams, perfumes and hand sanitisers are all culprits for damaging leather steering wheels.

If your leather steering wheel has seen better days with all the wear and tear of everyday driving, greasy hands or has been accidentally damaged, before spending money on a new steering wheel which can cost hundreds of pounds, speak to us about repairing and restoring your steering wheel to an almost new condition. Steering wheels can cost hundreds of pounds to replace especially the branded ones from BMW, Mercedes etc. Give us a call, send us some photos and we can give you a quote to repair a leather steering wheel.