Faux Leather Cleaner

We produce a specialist collection of leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather care kits for use on all types of leather. 

We provide 3 different types of products. Choose from our gentle leather cleaner which is a great for when a quick clean is needed. Or choose the intense leather cleaner for those deep cleans when dirt is ingrained in your leather. Last but not least is our leather conditioner & protection cream which softens, nourishes and protects your leather after it has been cleaned, leaving a fresh leather aroma.

The Prestige LeatherCare Leather cleaning kit combines all 3 of these products in a 3 step process that allows you to deep clean, condition and protect your leather.


Leather cleaners are carefully formulated so that they are strong enough to remove dirt but gentle enough to still preserve your leather. Common leather cleaners include using washing up liquid or cleaning wipes. These products are not designed for leather and ruin the finish of the leather leaving it shiny whilst leaving behind a layer of residue, it’s the buildup of body oils, grease, grime, and filth that gives the leather a glossy appearance, using cleaners not designed for leather will leave a glossy appearance. Clean, new leather is dull in finish and not slippery to touch. 

Leather cleaners that are designed just for leather will remove dirt and grime whilst leaving a dull, matte finish when the leather is dry. Just how leather should be.

One 250ml bottle of Gentle Leather Cleaner is enough to clean a full car 4-5 times and a full leather sofa 2-3 times.

Applying the Leather Conditioner & Protection cream to your leather items – be it a leather car seat or a leather couch – will make them softer, more flexible, last longer, look better whilst protecting the leather from spills. The cream forms a layer on top of the leather that prevents stains and wearing of the leather. Be sure to spot test first – some new leather, particularly leather car seats, may be factory-treated with a silicone sealer. If that’s the case, the Leather Conditioner & Protection cream may not absorb until the leather is a bit more “worn.”

You can use condition and product your leather goods as often as you like. But we recommend doing it every 4-6 months to give optimal protection.

The Leather Conditioner goes quite far with a little amount. The 250ml bottle will be able condition a full car 4-5 times and a leather sofa 2-3 times.

Yes our products are designed not to harm or discolour leather.

To make the process easier and more efficient you will want;

  • A leather cleaning brush.
  • A leather cleaning sponge.
  • A microfiber cloth to apply leather conditioner.

You can use other applicators but these will provide the best results by far.

Please follow the instructions in this video. Always spot test on your leather before beginning.

This all depends. The more effort you put into cleaning, the longer it will take but the end result will be better.

To clean and condition a full car it will take 30-45 minutes.

To clean and condition a leather sofa it will take 30-45 minutes.

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