Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner For Cars

At Prestige LeatherCare we produce 3 types of leather care products. The gentle leather cleaner, the intense leather cleaner and the leather conditioner & protection cream for use on all types of leather. 

Choose from our gentle leather cleaner which is a great leather car seat cleaner for when a quick clean is needed. Or choose the intense leather cleaner for those deep cleans when dirt is ingrained in your car leather. Last but not least is our leather conditioner & protection cream which softens, nourishes and protects your car leather after it has been cleaned, leaving a fresh leather aroma.

The leather care kit provides all 3 products with a leather cleaning brush and microfiber towel to professionally clean your leather car seats.

Leather Cleaner For Cars

Customer Reviews

"Used the car leather conditioner and protection cream on my seats and liquids just easily wipe off. Thanks"

"My cream leather car seats were looking more brown than cream. The leather kit did a great job of cleaning them up."

"Car seats looking shiny after a while of use. Used the leather cleaner and it gave them the matt finish I was looking for"


We have over 20 years experience with car leather and have cleaned 1000+ car leather seats so we know what works and what doesn’t. Most leather cleaners you find at supermarkets are basic and not intended to be used on leather. You may aswell use water and soap! Our car leather cleaner has been specifically formualted to be gentle on leather but strong enough to lift dirt.

Common leather cleaners such as leather cleaning wipes and washing up liquids ruin the finish of the leather. There is a common misconception that leather car seats should be shiny. New leather is dull and matte in appearance. Using unsuitable car leather cleaners will leave your leather shiny.

Clean, new leather is dull in finish and not slippery to touch. 

Car Leather cleaners like ours that are designed just for leather will remove dirt and grime whilst leaving a dull, matte finish when the leather is dry. Just how leather should be.

One 250ml bottle of Gentle Leather Cleaner is enough to clean a full car 4-5 times.

Applying the Leather Conditioner & Protection cream to your leather car seats will make them softer, more flexible, last longer, look better whilst protecting the leather from spills. The cream forms a layer on top of the car leather that prevents stains and wearing of the leather. Be sure to spot test first – some new leather, particularly leather car seats, may be factory-treated with a silicone sealer. If that’s the case, the Leather Conditioner & Protection cream may not absorb until the leather is a bit more “worn.”

You can clean and protect your car leather as often as you like. But we recommend doing it every 3-6 months to give optimal protection. Car seats are like anything the more you look after something the better it will look and the longer they will stay in good condition.

The Leather Conditioner goes quite far with a little amount. The 250ml bottle will be able condition a full car 4-5 times.

To make the process easier and more efficient you will want;

  • A leather cleaning brush.
  • A leather cleaning sponge.
  • A microfiber cloth to apply leather conditioner.

You can use other applicators but these will provide the best results by far.

Please follow the instructions in this video. Always spot test on your leather before beginning.

This all depends. The more effort you put into cleaning, the longer it will take but the end result will be better.

To clean and condition a full car it will take 30-45 minutes.

Yes. Except suede.

The products can be used on all kinds of leather. Please be careful and spot test before using.

Car Leather Cleaner

The gentle leather cleaner has been formulated so that it is gentle enough to be used as a leather car seat cleaner on all kinds of leather car seats whilst still leaving seats cleansed. 

Car Leather Conditioner

Our leather conditioner and protection cream is a great for protecting your leather car seats from spills, dirt and liquids. Keep your expensive leather car seats in great condition.

What Makes A Good Car Leather Cleaner and Conditioner?

A good leather cleaner for cars is one that thoroughly cleans and lifts dirt, leaving the leather with a dull, matte finish without damaging the leather or leaving a shiny finish. A good car leather conditioner is one that leaves the seats feeling softer and protected after use whilst leaving a pleasant aroma infused into the leather.

Leather Cleaner By Car Makes