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Bentley Leather Car Seat Repair

Bentley Seat Repair

At Prestige LeatherCare based in Bolton, we have a team of highly skilled and trained craftsmen ready to restore your leather to its former glory. If you are in need of a Bentley leather car seat repair, contact us.

Prestige LeatherCare situated in Bolton specialise in repairs to leather and vinyl car seats, vehicle interiors, plastic seats, cigarette holes, tears, rips, cracks, recolouring, cushion inserts, panel replacements, upholstery repairs & much more.

Whether you want a car seat repair whilst you are at work, or your fleet of lease vehicles repaired ready to re-sell you can be sure that Prestige LeatherCare offers a completely professional Bentley leather car seat repair. 

Bentleys are luxury, classy vehicles. Dont let an unsightly leather seat/ interior let the car down.

If you own a Bentley vehicle and the seats need repairing, refurbishing or professionally cleaned.

Bentley Leather Seat Repair

We can restore front and rear car leather seats to as good as new by repairing, cleaning & conditioning the leather and colouring the leather.

If you’ve purchased a second-hand car may be from a dealer or a private sale, the existing car leather seat damage may already be there, perhaps the leather car seats are ripped, the leather steering wheel is marked or scratched with age or the doors and trims are torn.

Bentley Interior Repair

Bentley leather seats use luxurious thick leather, however the top layer is prone to scuffs are cracking which can make seats unsightly, coupled with the fact that bentley leather comes in a variety of light colours that show up dirt and marks easily. If your Bentley leather seat has seen better days.

Bentley Leather Car Seat Repair In Bolton

Prestige Leathercare offers a leather car seat restoration service for it’s customers. We are based in Bolton Lancashire and are easily accessible from the A666/M61. We offer top quality, very cost-effective Bentley leather car seat repairs.

Bentley leather car seat repair

Bentley Headlining Repair

At Prestige LeatherCare based in Bolton, we have a team of highly skilled and trained craftsmen ready to restore your leather to its former glory, if you are in need of an Bentley headlining repair, contact us.

The problem with the bentley headlining is that the leather is so heavy and the factory glue isn’t strong enough to hold up the leather over the years, add the sun beating down on the roof of your bentley, heating up and weakening the bond between the leather and glue.

Firstly we will remove the headlining from the car. It is stripped back and thoroughly cleaned, new foam added and then glued back to the board with strong glue capable of holding the weight of the leather. Then the headlining is fit back into the car. This is a common fault with Bentleys so we have performed this exact job numerous times with great results. 

bentley headlining repair